Coca-Cola Introduces Its New Drink: Milk (Yes, You Heard Me Right) (4460)

The Coca-Cola Company is taking yet another step to promote its “healthier” image. In 2013, Coca-Cola joined the anti-obesity fight and tried to convince the public of its social responsibility through its “Coming Together” campaign. Many blame sodas and the companies that produce them for obesity in children and Americans in general.

Trying to promote healthy lifestyles again, the company has announced its new drink: milk. The milk brand, called Fairlife, claims the milk has “superior nutrition” and is “ultra-filtered” because there is “less sugar, more protein and calcium, and no lactose” (Fairlife). Colbert had something to say about that. The brand offers reduced fat (2%), chocolate, fat-free and whole milk. It should be available sometime in April of this year and will cost around $4 for a half gallon, if not more.

The campaign ads are quite interesting, featuring pin-up girls wearing dresses made of milk. The ads have already been criticized for being sexist and too racy. While the photos are quite revealing and sexy when you see them close-up, they do what any ad campaign is supposed to do: get attention. The campaign appeals to adults, teens and children in its (much less racy) animated video below, but like many of the “Got Milk?” campaign ads, the milk promotion is aimed at adults.

Coca-Cola goes even farther and is promoting sustainable farming and humane treatment of animals.

Because milk is such a shocking off-shoot from soft drinks, I think Coca-Cola may have some difficulty selling the product to the health-conscious. The parent company name combined with the high price is going to narrow Fairlife’s target public significantly. But fortunately, launching a drink perceived as health-concious and promoting responsible farming will aid in Coca Cola’s efforts to show its publics (including every American consumer) that the company is in fact socially responsible.

And with American’s drinking less soda, including less Coke and other Coca-Cola products, the company needs to find a way to boost sales and profits. Americans drink about 450 cans a year now compared to 56 gallons a year in 1998.

Will the famous soda producer succeed in the Milk market?




2 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Introduces Its New Drink: Milk (Yes, You Heard Me Right) (4460)

  1. Did you know Coca Cola’s influence in the water industry? It’s really interesting because at least here in Mexico they completely dominate all types of markets from soft drinks to even being the main water supplier. Great article Katie!


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