Ashley Madison: The Dating Site that Blatantly Promotes Infidelity (JOUR 4250)

It was 1 a.m. on a Friday night and I was watching a movie on TV. As it went to commercial, I stopped paying attention. But then I heard this jingle: “I’m looking for someone other than my wife. Other than my wife. Other than my wife…” I was shocked. My boyfriend and I looked at each other in disbelief. What was this advertisement trying to tell us?

The ad was for the online dating site Ashley Madison. The site offers help with “Married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.”

I would consider advertising for a service like this immoral and unethical. Because the ad was publicly aired, it must mean that society has accepted behavior like adultery. Modern advertising conveys some pretty shocking messages, but the Ashley Madison advertising takes it a step further. It conveys the message that cheating on your husband or wife is acceptable and there are many other men and women out there who also want to cheat. The site is a platform on which behavior like adultery, lying and betrayal can thrive. The site’s trademarked slogan says it all: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

With further research I found women can sign up for free, but men have to pay. The website even has a blog, which has articles about infidelity statistics, how to tell if your spouse is cheating and where cheaters prosper most (the fact that there is research on this topic shocks me).

It’s not unusual to see ads for online dating sites or hotlines late at night or during the day. I think society has accepted that online dating is normal and that phone-sex hotlines exist. But have society’s morals really stooped this low? It makes sense that the answer is yes.

The concept of marriage has definitely changed in the last 50 years. Divorce rates are the highest they have ever been and according to the associated press, 41 percent of spouses admit to infidelity. But I disagree with the idea that infidelity is inevitable. The decision to cheat is a conscious decision. You know what you’re doing. If you’re so unhappy that you feel like you will cheat no matter what, then why get married?

Views on marriage will always differ from person to person and generation to generation. But if we keep heading in this direction, will any traditional aspects of marriage survive 50 years from now? I sure hope so. What do you think?




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